Got ship to sort out? This people-first approach to Parcel Management Software will help.


All hands on deck!

Shipmate's award-winning Parcel Management Software, helps simplify the link between online retailers and couriers.

The challenge was to create a brand that wasn't as boring as a box, and something that visually smashes their competitors out of the water.

Illustration Style

The new illustration style saw the birth of 'Marcel', the Shipmate mascot. His friendly demeanor and limitless enthusiasm to help make him a character you already trust in.

Tone of Voice

The tone of voice was used subtly across the brand, presented as a 'nice suprise' rather than overbearing.

Nautical inspired play on words – turning typical phrases such as Shiver me timbers, to "Deliver me timbers" and It's plain sailing from here, to "It's plain mailing from here" were used on elements, from page titles all the way down to colour value names.

Bringing the illustrations to life meant I could further communicate the colourful character of the robot (Marcel) and the digital world he lives in. This helped better explain certain ideas that illustrations can't always do.

Animations were used in form of Animated Gifs, Explainer Videos & Social Media Content.

A Digital Presence

Simple, clear and easy to use.

The nature of the product meant that there was a lot of content to be added. The brand accomodated for all scenarios, meaning the use of white space, messaging, iconography & illustrations helped users experience the site and find where they're going, without feeling overwhelmed.

All work © 2018 Jason Booth