Travel through time and save the internet with this retro-inspired, browser-based video game.


Project Scope

Heart Internet are one of Europe’s largest hosting companies, with millions of customers using their services everyday.

During their 2016 rebrand, we were tasked with helping them gain exposure to their social media audience, that wasn't just a handful of boring tweets. 

Our response was an engaging, web-based platform game that saw users competing for the best time to win a load of prizes!

Work created while at design studio, Subism.

You’ve been sent back in time to the dawn of the internet to save it! 

Choose your hero and take a trip through internet history and be in with a chance to win some brand new Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kits!

Battle your way through the ages of the Internet, discover hidden 'easter eggs' of history and fight battles with bosses to continue to the next era.

Good luck.

Art direction

The animation and illustration style drew inspiration from retro games of the 80's and early 90's.

We wanted the users to feel nostaligic and the game to come across somewhat reminisent of 'the good old days'.

The best of the best.

Have your name go down in history (internet browser history) by competing for the fastest completion time!

To further add to the competativeness, high-scores were then pulled through to a leaderboard and then shared across Twitter & Facebook, provoking others to return to the game to knock the competition off the top. 

All work © 2018 Jason Booth