Title Pages

Sharing stories from around the world on the environment, climate change, space and our home.

Role: Web Developer

I built a first-phase website to help kickstart Title Pages into the digital realm. The site, although small, is packed with various interactions and informative elements.

View the site:

Branding: Joe Small

Although the site is basically a landing page there are a few nice features that have been added.

Firstly, a click event that adds images every time you click or touch the screen. The images also disappear after a set time so the site doesn’t get too messy or it hinders any chance of degradation to performance.

The menu offers the main source of information, tucked away initially and when opened it applies a blur to any element that isn’t in the menu drawing complete focus to the content.

A Mailchimp signup form was also integrated to collect email addresses so the client could then update people on upcoming info or on the next phase of the project.

As an added bonus the menu ‘toggler’ sticks to your cursor when you’re in range.

Finally, as a last additional treat an animated Favicon was added to coincide with supporting browsers.

Code share:

In order to create the Animated Favicon, you can find the code and example below. (For supporting browsers)

View it in action: