Creating a distinctive brand identity and website for a Building & Restoration firm.


Worthington's, known by their clients as creative, committed and master craftsman, their inspiring designs combined with immaculate finishes set them apart from anyother company in the same industry.

Starting out in the Building & Restoration business, Worthington's extended their offering to clients with bespoke Kitchens & Interiors.

My role was to create a brand identity that would reflect their current business and accomodate for the new part of the company they created. This was followed by a bespoke design and website development, that would house both sides of their companies.

Launch site

A minimal design approach was used to help communicate the level of detail and craftsmanship Worthington's put into their work. Nothing unnecessary. Just a feeling of clean, precise & considered communication. 

Website Design & Development

The nature of the new site needed to be somehow spilt into two, showcaseing both parts of the company and yet easily navigatable between them both.

Considering time and budget, my solution was to split the hompage into two sections, forcing the user to choose either one or the other to enter the main parts of the site.

Upon entering either part of the site, I added certain UI elements, that were always on show. This meant the user could easily switch between either Building & Restoration or Kitchens & Interiors, without the confusion of having to search for anything.

Super-smooth animations were coded in to elements, to add that higher level of user experience. 


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