Creating a flexible brand identity and CMS website for a construction firm.


Moorhouse are a family run business with roots deep in the construction industry. I was brought in to help with both their brand and digital outputs, helping to create a sense of unification across all parts of their company.

My response was a system that used the same typography and logomark which was then replicated as the face of their other companies visual identities. I allowed for changes in colour and execution, visually, to differentiate them from oneanother, but still keeping that sense of unification.

Brand Typeface

From the 'M' logomark a bespoke typeface was created to be used across their marketing collateral, such as signage and machinery graphics.

The construction of the font was based on a strict grid, allowing me to create a solid and consistant typeface.

The website acted as a portfolio, and therefore made sense for a content managable system (CMS) to be used, allowing the client to add and update content as and when they needed to.

All work © 2017 Jason Booth